How Walker Guy Get Elected

How Walker Guy Get ElectedTeachers, the End Is Nigh or How’d That Walker Guy Get Elected?

With all the vitriol aimed at Walker Guy these days, it’s nice to know Jon Stewart is in our corner. If you care about teachers and what’s happening to them in Wisconsin, watch this Daily Show episode.

And here’s an interesting article in the New York Times about the recent backlash against teachers. Strange times indeed to be a public school teacher. More on this soon…

Jeux, don’t ya know that it’s a well-established fact that it was teachers and unions that launched us headfirst into this worldwide global recession in the first place? Isn’t that enough- everyone knows that every bank president and corporate CEO in this country must account and answer for every single penny that they stash into their secret foreign bank accounts.

And who amongst walkers Guy is not familiar with the stress they endure getting about in their private jets and limos from meeting to the golf club, business luncheon to business dinner, penthouse office to the executive suite- all the while guarding hardworking citizens just like them from the socialist takeover of our country!

And you leftist elite dare complain when you go home at three each and every day so you can plan your three-month summer vacation!

Oftentimes, men tend to be notorious under-packers on vacation, while women tend to over-pack (“No, honey. We cannot bring an extra suitcase just for your 12 pairs of shoes” sound familiar?) Few people have found the perfect balance– the elusive and difficult to accomplish “just right” packed suitcase. It’s not unobtainable, though. It just takes a little bit of time and planning.

Here’s what you need and how to pack for your vacation. Clothing essentials: what to pack There are some basic clothing essentials that you should bring on any summer vacation trip. One good thing to keep in mind while packing is that no one ever gets criticized for being the best-dressed person in the room.

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